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About Us

The term “RevoScience” is combination of two words revolution and science which means the science for the transformation of society, nation and human kind. RevoScience Media Pvt. Ltd has been registered at District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 15th March 2009 and since then we have been publishing RevoScience monthly magazine with slogan of revolution through Science.

If we look back the history of developed countries what we can figure out is that they have been at that position because of their continual exchange of new ideas, information and effective use of science knowledge in their day to day to life. Realizing this fact, we have been here to act as communicator between the science and technology and society. It covers wide range of areas like meteorology, environment, agriculture, botany, zoology and various other branches of applied and theoretical sciences. One of our main task is to push the policy maker to bring the science and technology in the mainstream of the development.

We explore,

Research News, Scientists, Innovation, Science & Technology Culture, National News, International News, Astronomy, Health issues, science policy, Environmental issues,etc