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Study: Division I college athletes outpace student peers in mental health

Competing at the highest level in college sports while managing a full class schedule and generally navigating a new life as an adult would seem fraught with an unusual amount…

A protein that makes skin cancer cells more invasive

Loss of a protein called TRIM29 promotes cancer cell invasion in a common type of skin cancer, suggesting a novel diagnostic marker and a possible therapeutic target.

Making medicine from crop waste

Tohoku University researchers are optimizing methods to produce useful compounds from biomass.

Kidney cancer’s developmental source revealed

Reported in the journal Science, this study could lead to the development of completely new methods of treating kidney cancers, which could persuade the cancerous cells to develop in specific ways into safer cells.

Transport Protein Study May Lead to New Therapies for Psychiatric Disorders

Scientists at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) report that they have found new evidence of how certain transport proteins are working at the molecular level, paving the way for new, improved drugs to treat psychiatric disorders.

Meditation affects brain networks differently in long-term meditators and novices

Mental training such as mindfulness meditation – an accepting awareness of the present moment – has been shown to alter networks in the brain and improve emotional and physical well-being.