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Telling tales: how scientists can use stories

Beyond the Journal: The science of communicating research with the public — How can stories help when explaining complex research? Our regular column investigates the power of anecdote and analogy….

Age of genetically engineered humans has begun

Rice expert available to discuss human evolution, International Darwin Day HOUSTON — International Darwin Day is Monday and marks the 209th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the “Father of Evolution.” Rice University…

Nobel Laureate Daniel Shechtman spoke on technological entrepreneurship in Nepal

Kathmandu— Today, Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman talked about the technological entrepreneurship: A key to the world peace and prosperity in Kathmandu as the participant of the 13th International Conference on Quasicrystals(ICQ-13) along with other participant scientists.

Starting with the basic level of people of all over the world as a whole with their prime problem and solution at a target, he shed light over the key steps for the development in the field of science and technology, encouraging the participants in the hall.

Technological Entrepreneurship-Key to world peace and prosperity as the title of the talk program, the Nobel Laureate spoke over the initiation of technological entrepreneurship among the fresher along with the establishment of the new technological venture and the sustainable economy. Supporting the initiative steps of the freshers, Nobel Laureate said there should be supportive hand of government as well.

Physics is like a spider sitting in the middle of its net from where it has access to go anywhere

I hope that Nepali scientists are sufficiently patriotic to be proud of returning to Nepal and bringing their country forward in science. This is a very important point

Independent science is managed and developed by individuals not by organizations

Science Talk: Theoretically speaking, there is no differences between developing and the well developed
countries because all countries need to treat well themselves from the level they are today.


KATYAYANI CHOWDHRY | The following interview is the concluding part of the earlier published article of the same name. Dr. Joseph Incandela, Particle Physicist, Spokesperson for the CMS Experiment at…


KATYAYANI CHOWDHRY | On 3rd June, 2015, CERN (European Organisation For Nuclear Research) restarted its LHC (Large Hadron Collider), after a two-year hiatus of technical upgrades, to run non-stop for…


KATYAYANI CHOWDHRY | Author/ Freelance Writer  We live in a continuum of terror- unleashed by the forces of nature, as tremors shake and stir our lives unrelentlessly. But there is…

“Praying is a process of surrendering and expressing one’s love for God”

Dr. Bhakti Vijnana Muni is a disciple of Sripad Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami and Sripad Bhakti Madhav Puri Maharaja. He is a PhD from IIT Kharagpur in Chemical Engineering. Due to…

Dissecting Darwinism in abiology: Evolution from Molecular Biology to Soul Hypothesis

Bhakti Niskam Shanta, Ph.D. graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Utkal University in the year 2000. He did his master’s degree from Mechanical Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati,…