14th Annual Field Course in Conservation Biology & Global Health: At the Human-Environment Interface 

field courseKathmandu– A Training Program for University Students, Journalists, National Park Staff and Professionals has been organized by Nepal Biodiversity Research Society (NEBORS), Kathmandu and University of Washington (UW) Seattle, Washington, USA at the premises of Natural History Museum (NHM) on 2-6 February, 2015. The program is the continuation since a decade back by the generous effort of the collaboration between two Fulbright Professors.

The support will be rendered in part by One Earth Institute and Natural History Museum, Nepal. The training course chief instructors will be Prof. Randall C. Kyes and Dr.  Mukesh K. Chalise. Majority of classes will be taken by Prof. Randle Kyes on different aspects of wildlife focusing on primate’s ecology and behaviors.

field cource 1The theoretical training and practicum will be conducted in NHM Hall and Swayambhu forest. There will be practices of wildlife study techniques such as the line transects, scan sampling, focal animal sampling, GPS recording, darting, radio collaring, vegetation sampling etc. The supporting Instructors- Rebati Man Shrestha, B. V. Sc. & A. H, PG (UK), Former chief, CLPD Project on the livestock disease and emerging insurance policy of Nepal. Dr. Ramesh Shrestha, Chief, Natural History Museum on the assets of NHM and  on Eco-tourism in Nepal. Prof. Dr. Bhaiya Khanal, NHM on the altitudinal species diversity of butterfly of Nepal. Prof. Dr. Dharma Dangol, NHM on the ethnobotany of Nepal. Prof. Karan B. Shah, NHM on the poisonous and non poisonous snakes of Nepal. Dr. Nirmala Pradhan,  on the usage of bryophyte in Nepal. Narayan P. Koju, PhD Scholar, Central Dept of Zoology on the techniques of the capturing and handling of small mammals. Dr Mukesh K. Chalise, President of NEBORS and Associate Prof of Zoology on the issues of scientific research and animal diversity of Nepal. He will focus on the mammalian species research status in Nepal. The outreach will be organized for the participants in Secondary School around NHM. The whole program will be managed by Secretary of NEBORS Mr. Minesh Ghimire (Lecturer of Patan Campus) along with logistic facilities.