a gallon of water a day

Are you drinking enough water?

Source: newhealthsdvisor
Source: newhealthsdvisor

Water for body is one of the facts that almost everyone knows that how important it is for our body. Its benefits can be listed in numbers but it is very important to look after if we are drinking enough water for our body or not as its intake benefits the body, our body lacking in this liquid can suffer from various health issues too.

Signs that show our body is lacking water.

Dry mouth

We soon recognize that we need a sort of sip of liquid when our mouth feels some dryness and sticky. Drinking water or any other sugary drinks help us throughout this thirsty feeling. Drinking water lubricates the mucous membrane present in our mouth and the throat and this helps in keeping our mouth moist.

 Dry skin

Our skin is the first visual part of the body and the largest organ as well. Dryness in skin is the first sign that notify us that our body is lacking water. Dehydration in our skin and body can welcome numbers of unwanted problems. Our body lacking in water means lack in sweat, this means our body become unable to wash away the excessive dirt and oil from the body.

 Over thirsty

Sometime we go through over dry mouth. It feels like one more and more to that glass of water. The one who is habitual to drinking alcohol can explain this over dehydration better as alcohol dehydrates our body in high level. So watering body till the liquid level reaches its baseline can be the wise idea.

 Dry eye

Watering body in adequate amount means keeping its every body parts healthy. Body lacking water results dry, bloodshot eyes and dry up of our tear ducts which is very bad for eye health. This can be worse for those who wear contact lenses in regular bases. So water body, waters every parts of the body.

 Muscle mass decreases

Our body is composed of water in large amount so as our muscles. Hydrated body means muscles mass in good state. Drinking water during exercising period helps keeping body fluid balanced and prevents the chances of body inflammation and soreness related to the exercise and weight lifting.

 Joint pain

Flexibility in spinal disks and cartilages are very important in order to keep it away from undesired joint problems. These are the parts that comprise 80% of water and water plays an important role in keeping them in smoothly working condition by hydrating them. And hydrated joints means ability to take over the sudden socks that sometime our body has to take over all of sudden falls and movements.

 Fatigue and laziness

When our body is dehydrated it borrows water from the blood. A body having insufficient water leads to blood cells lacking oxygen. And lack of oxygen means body alarming to sleepiness and fatigue. We experience low in energy and will desire of well functioning.

 Longer sickness

Our body keeps on working all the time like a machine absorbing the essential materials along with the production of toxic waste materials. Hydrating body all the time keep flushing these toxic material from our body. Dehydration means high level of toxic materials in our body welcoming numbers of health issues.

 Digestive problems

Drinking water in sufficient amount keeps our body membrane well functioned. So, as water is for our dry mouth and throat, its water again for proper functioning digestive system. When our body do not get adequate amount of water, the amount and strength of mucus in our stomach is decreased. This leads to increase in acid level in our stomach which can be very dangerous later.

 Hunger pangs

We feel hunger when our body is dehydrated so it may not be food always that our body is demanding for. Our body needs to work little harder while eating food whereas drinking water purifies our body organs and keep them hydrated letting it well functioned.

 Reduction in urination

If we are not visiting our rest room 4-7 times a day then it is indicating that our body is lacking this fluid, water. Color of urine also indicates the amount of water in our body. If it’s pale yellow or clear color then it resembles that body is hydrated but if its dark yellowish then body is demanding to be hydrated. In extreme condition dehydration may lead to urinary tract infection.

 Premature aging

It is very important to increase the intake of water as we age. When our body gets enough water it helps in keeping our body cell well hydrated and healthy. It helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. So to delay our premature aging our body must be supplied with enough amount of water throughout the lifetime.

Watering our body is not a big deal but letting it to be dehydrated may cost a lot to us so why not to have a glass of water right now. Hydrated body means healthy we with well functioned body.