/Can ignorance ever be better than knowledge?

Can ignorance ever be better than knowledge?


By Kiran Adhikari

An old English proverb says, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?” I call myself a designer even though I have spent my time in my college around textbooks. I neither design houses or buildings nor webs or 3D arts, but I do not hesitate to call myself a designer because I have been always designing my life. I am the designer of my life. In my life, I had to encounter so many times with those things I was not previously aware of, and during this time I realized that ignorance is really better than knowledge.

When we are aware of our risks, then they will start hunting us. Our risks in other words are our knowledge. If we are aware about our risks, then they will become a block on our way. They decrease our confidence and performance level. Last summer, I was practicing for rock climbing. I was excited, but when I saw in internet about risks on rock climbing, I started getting terrified each time I went for rock climbing. This particular experience taught me that ignorance is better than knowledge.

Knowledge hurts much when it is incomplete. There is a lot of news where many innocent electricians lost their lives due to their incomplete knowledge about house wiring. Had they been very good at house wiring, they would have been alive till now.

Ignorance about something does not necessarily prove that we are not intelligent, but instead to accept the ignorance is a key to become a successful person. Albert Einstein, when he realized that his ideas about cosmological constant, was wrong; he instead of arguing and trying to claim his ideas were true, he accepted his mistakes, and this has made him a great figure in scientific inspiration for every young physicists.

It would be nice to hear that knowledge is better than ignorance, because we are spending so much time gaining knowledge; however, we should not forget that being ignorance does not disqualify our life. Instead, it is a key to success.