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A protein that makes skin cancer cells more invasive

Loss of a protein called TRIM29 promotes cancer cell invasion in a common type of skin cancer, suggesting a novel diagnostic marker and a possible therapeutic target.

Making medicine from crop waste

Tohoku University researchers are optimizing methods to produce useful compounds from biomass.

Finding Alzheimer’s treatment from within

An immune molecule in the body shows promise for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Researchers have identified a molecule expressed by several types of cells that could treat Alzheimer’s disease by…

Scientists just beginning to understand autistic adults’ unique health needs

In the 1990s, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among children rose sharply. These children are now entering adulthood, yet physicians and scientists know very little about the health…

Social context matters in spread of disease

Rice University study of fruit flies shows sex composition of group alters disease transmission HOUSTON – “Patient zero” isn’t entirely to blame when an infection takes root in a population….

Obesity inhibits key cancer defense mechanism

Obesity could enhance cancer development while aspirin might prevent it — a new insight into potential targets for cancer prevention. Obesity is a known risk factor for certain types of…