InnoCSR Inks Good Bricks Factory Agreement with Faidhoka

Kathmandu(PRNewswire)— South Korean material technology company (InnoCSR) and member of the  Born2Global Center, has signed today a new agreement for a Good Bricks Factory with Faidhoka Brick Industry, a leading brick manufacturer in Kavre.

“Kavre District is the main gateway into the Kathmandu Valley area and we believe Faidhoka will play a leading role in supplying Good Bricks to the valley along with other Good Bricks Manufacturers as well. Their brick supply will also significantly contribute to reducing the Valley’s air pollution,” said Yoonsuk Lee, CEO of InnoCSR.

“Faidhoka as a partner means a lot to our company since the owners run multiple brick kilns around the Kathmandu Valley area. We believe they are a true changemaker and they trust our technology,” he added.

According to InnoCSR, the announcement follows news of multiple Good Bricks Factory partnerships for InnoCSR this month, covering a variety of areas in Nepal. More brick kiln owners and construction companies are adopting the Good Bricks System.

“The demand for bricks and their supply in the Kathmandu Valley is a never-ending flow. Recently, many brick kilns around Kathmandu Valley have shut down due to many different reasons. Good Bricks is a great alternative technology for us to meet the rising demand for bricks in Kathmandu once the economy recovers,” said Ram Krishna Suwal, owner of Faidhoka Brick Industry.