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Transparent metal touchscreens

A touchscreen is an essential feature of many modern devices, but the material that gives most screens their touch sensitivity is in short supply.

How Safe is Your Mobile Phone?

NordVPN launches user-friendly mobile apps could protect users from data snooping, hacking and theft

Secure, user-controlled data

Cryptographic system would allow users to decide which applications access which aspects of their data.

Be that person who defines the future, not a victim of it

Australia– Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer at IBM, will be a keynote speaker at Australasia’s largest business technology tradeshow CeBIT Australia, relaying his expertise and insights on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.

Strengthening Cybersecurity through Research

Professor Robert Deng from the Singapore Management University believes that current approaches to mobile computing security have been ineffective because they fail to consider differences between platforms and applications.

WiFi Signals can be utlized to Detect Attackers

Physical attacks on devices connected to the Internet can be detected by analyzing WiFi signals, computer scientists have discovered.