Nobel Laureate Daniel Shechtman spoke on technological entrepreneurship in Nepal


Kathmandu— Today, Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman talked about the technological entrepreneurship: A key to the world peace and prosperity in Kathmandu as the participant of the 13th International Conference on Quasicrystals(ICQ-13) along with other participant scientists.

Starting with the basic level of people of all over the world as a whole with their prime problem and solution at a target, he shed light over the key steps for the development in the field of science and technology, encouraging the participants in the hall.

Technological Entrepreneurship- key to peace and prosperity in the world as the title of the talk program, the Nobel Laureate spoke over the initiation of technological entrepreneurship among the fresher along with the establishment of the new technological venture and the sustainable economy. Supporting the initiative steps of the freshers, Nobel Laureate said there should be supportive hand of government as well.

To have a good output, input should be of good quality so it is very important to have qualified teachers, good engineering and science education, said Dan. Also the experts participating in the various technological entrepreneurships held to guide the students in high schools and universities can add effort to the students’ capability.

He talked about the determined will power of the students with no fear of being failed and the entrepreneurship as the key to innovation. Also he talked about the major role of the government to meet the hand of the young generations with the developmental projects by providing the funds facilities, partnership with Venture capital (VC) funds and building the chief scientist office in every ministry.

Also, yesterday, The Nobel Prize winner, Professor Dan Shechtman had inaugurated the 13th International Conference on Quasicrystals(ICQ-13), held in Nepal at Dhulikhel as scheduled on last month.

More than 126 scientists from over 30 countries were seen in the conference along with the Nobel Laureate Daneil Schechtman said Dr. Hem Raj Sharma, Chairperson of ICQ-13.

According to Dr. Sharma, the talk program so organized by the International Conference on Quasicrystals (ICQ13) aspire to facilitate an opportunity to the researchers working on Quasicrystals and related topics to exchange ideas and encourage collaborations with other research groups, hence promoting material science and engineering.

The conference was followed by the invited speakers, A Goldman (USA); E Abe, N Takemori and T Dotera (Japan); S Ben-Abraham (Israel); E Gaudry, O Perez and A Jagannathan (France); W Steurer, and R Widmer (Switzerland); P Jana (India) and A Julien (Norway) among others, according to Sharma, who also works with the Surface Science Research Centre, University of Liverpool in UK.

The scientists appeared in the conference hall talked about the recent developmental activities that have been carried out in the respective field.

Also with no subject limits, the participants in the conference had get to take the abstracts from the scientists titled on various topics like formation, growth and phase stability; structure and modelling; mathematics of quasiperiodic and aperiodic structures; physical properties: transport, magnetic, dynamical, mechanical; surfaces and overlayers; applications and new frontiers; metamaterials: polymer, macro molecules, hotonic/phononic crystals, oxide.

Starting from 18 September 2016 ICQ-13 will take place till 23 September.

Dan Shechtman, born on 24th January 1941 in Tel Aviv is the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry honored with for the discovery of quasicrystals.

Today’s talk program is organized by the Embassy of Israel in Nepal in collaboration with Non-Resident Nepali Association and Nepal Science Foundation Trust in support with Nepal Forum of Science Journalists and Asian Science Camp Alumni Association.