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Solar spectacular

The total solar eclipse seen from Casper, Wyoming (US), by a team of ESA astronomers. The image shows the moment of totality, when the Moon passed directly in front of…

Artist’s views of the BepiColombo spacecraft

Artist’s impression of the BepiColombo spacecraft at Mercury.

Sicilian snow

Part of the Italian island of Sicily is pictured in this false-colour image from the Sentinel-2A satellite. This image was captured on 8 January during a period of unusual cold…


ESA’s proposed e.Deorbit mission, shown left, using a robotic arm to catch a derelict satellite – the baseline capture method for what would be the world’s first active space debris…

Kathmandu from Space: watch video

The European Space Agency, ESA processed Copernicus Sentinel data (2015) and shows part of Nepal including its capital city, Kathmandu, and the Himalayan foothills are pictured in this satellite image. Vegetation appears red in this false-colour image, while waterways and buildings appear light green and blue.

Visualising atoms

How atoms interact and behave is common high-school knowledge, but what we know is based on assumptions or snapshots.

18th Mirror

Inside a massive clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland the James Webb Space Telescope team used a robotic am to install the last of the telescope’s 18 mirrors onto the telescope structure.

Radio testing of BepiColombo orbiter

If ESA’s Mercury orbiter of the BepiColombo mission seems to stand at an unusual angle above its test chamber floor, that’s because it does – intentionally so.

Exploring Imhotep

Rosetta’s OSIRIS narrow-angle camera captured one of the most geologically diverse areas of the comet on 17 January 2016, from a distance of 86.8 km measuring 3.2 km across.

Plant gravity

How exactly does a plant know which way to grow its roots and which way to grow towards the Sun?