School’s Student constructed Prototype Drone in Nepal

KNHSS’s Students on Drone project

Kathmandu- A group of students of Kanjirowa National Higher Secondary School (KNHSS) has constructed prototype drone in Nepal.  This drone technology has been transferred by Michael C. Kronmiller, from the Bullis School, USA.

Michael C. Kronmiller, an American high school student highlighted the press on Kathmandu at KNHSS, an ambitious, collaborative project with his counterparts at the KNHSS for the development of drones in Nepal.  

“During the short time period, a group of students of KHNSS have been learning about the drone’s technology, a flying model has already been constructed and others are under construction. These same students will adapt video, thermal images, and other sophisticated sensors to these and future, more robust drones, to perform important tasks in Nepal,” said Michel Kronmiller, student leader for the USA side of the collaboration.

In addition, the development of quad copter-unnamed aircraft systems with four motors- the project is moving to the next stage, student development of octocopters, which are capable of performing more challenging tasks. From the foundation, students can enter into an array of scientific, technical, and engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields.

 “We foresee student-developed, sensor-laden drones performing such vital tasks as assisting with the rescue of victims of natural disasters, contributing to the management of wildlife, and providing swift response to the medical needs of remote countries, among many other things,” said Kronmiler.


Michael C. Kronmiller and his father Theodore Krinmiller on the program at KNHSS

According to KNHSS, a student club has been established for this project, under the guidance of the school’s educators. “Our students have achieved knowledge on drone user, its building and flying guidelines which are unavoidable knowledge on science and robotics.” opined Mahendra Khanal, the principal of KNHSS.

Former Ambassador Theodore Kronmiller, Father of Michael, applauded Kanjirowa-Bullis School’s achievement and expressed his belief that both the school can further collaborative in humanities and social science projects in addition to science and robotics.

Similarly, Kapil regmi, the Executive Director of KHNSS, has said “this type of collaborative work on Kanjirowa-Bullis drone project helps to establish the drone education in Nepal.”  “Under the permission of government of Nepal, Drone Test Fly will be conducted in Kathmandu and kalapathar, Solukhumbu which encourage not only the students of Kanjirowa-Bullis school but also aspiring scientists of both the countries.” he added.

KNHSS- Bullis STEM club has been working on Drone and Robotics Technology for humanitarian objectives and enriches the knowledge of high school students, in-collaboration of Bullis School, USA, since 2013.