virtual fashion

Somnium Space Fashion Week will be organized virtually from Sept 7-11

In association with TESLASUIT, the human-to-digital interface, Metaverse platform Somnium Space is organizing the first virtual reality avatar fashion week in history – held in Prague and in the virtual world this September.

According to the press release, Somnium Space Fashion Week will be held from September 7-11; is an event enabling designers and brands to connect with consumers in an entirely new way, making it a one-of-a-kind phygital experience.

In this Fashion week, it will expand the way fashion is presented to the public, allowing people to connect from around the globe in one physical and digital location simultaneously using the most advanced XR technologies on the market – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Full Body Trackers, and Holograms.

virtual fashion

Somnium Space is an open and decentralized VR world built on the blockchain that is fully interconnected and seamless. Accessible by any device: via web browser as well as through PC and VR clients, it offers a perfect place to experience virtual fashion without limitations.

To showcase advanced capabilities of the Somnium Space platform during the opening mixed reality event on September 7th in Prague’s VR Play Park, models will be wearing full body tracking and full body haptic Teslasuits, VR headsets, and gloves.

Their digital avatars, at the same time, will be walking on the virtual catwalk in a newly built NFT Fashion World. Supported by panel discussions and a physical fashion show, this phygital event will kick off the week full of breakthrough activations.

Fashion brands, 3D creators, and digital native designers from around the world will showcase their branded virtual showrooms, NFT avatars, and XR fashion collections via runway shows, phygital experiences, gallery openings, and even afterparties throughout the whole fashion week.

Besides TESLASUIT, the list of partner organizations includes: Ready Player Me, DressX, Atrium, Dearch Space, Gravity Layer, Honey, IZY, We’re Next Prague, Style Protocol, Unstitched, Alkali, Artsies Collective, Diverge, Cultivate, ISG and others.

Witness the historical moment for the tech and fashion industry – join Somnium Space Fashion Week online, in virtual reality, or IRL as we curate an entirely new kind of fashion week experience.