University of Hong Kong Offers Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Hongkong(PRNewswire) — Offering generous entrance scholarships that recognize students’ remarkable achievements, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) empowers students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams and develop their ambitions towards shaping a promising future. The HKU entrance scholarships cover full tuition fees and accommodation and general living allowance.

Growing up in the northern city of Pakistan, Peshawar, Aleena Khalid had to tolerate criticism from her extended family for wanting to study abroad because of her gender. Aleena’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, so it was Aleena’s dream to go into the biomedical research field to contribute to drug development and clinical validation, to help patients suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

It was the HKU HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarship (HeforShe Scholarship) that turned her dream into reality. Being awarded the scholarship, Aleena pursued a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences HKU and graduated with flying colors. “The HKU HeforShe Scholarship not only allowed me to chase after my dream, but also enabled me to voice out for girls who have been silenced. I’m now pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Hong Kong and I can proudly say that HKU paved the path towards my research career to contribute to the biomedical field by providing me with the scholarship.”

From another corner of the world, Martin Kibiru received the HeforShe Scholarship, bade farewell to his home country Kenya and embarked on his journey at HKU. Possessing a deep-seated passion for building things, Martin aspires to be an engineer and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering). “I find it incredible that in just about two years’ time, my dream of becoming an engineer will come true. And it is thanks to HKU for offering me the scholarship and allowing me to do the things I love, and in a beautiful city that I’m proud to call home,” said Martin.

To Hanie Luong, receiving the Vietnam Van Thinh Phat Scholarship (VTP Scholarship) is a life-changing opportunity. Hanie, who lived most of her life on a remote highland of Vietnam, is now a 4th year Accounting and Finance student at HKU. When asked about how she felt being a scholarship recipient, she said, “Neither attending an international school nor communicating in English on a daily basis back in my home country, I had never imagined studying abroad possible. It is the VTP Scholarship that gives me the opportunity to study at one of the best research-led universities in Asia and the world.”

When asked about their life at HKU thus far, both Hanie and Martin said that it has been an incredibly fulfilling and transformational journey. As scholarship recipients, they have been given the opportunities to join cultural exchange, study, and internship programs in different countries to meet like-minded students worldwide.

Professor Bennett Yim, HKU’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Exchange said, “HKU is committed to nurturing future global talents who are able to make valuable contributions to the world and pursue their dreams at the same time. We believe that our supportive scholarships enable students to enjoy and live their university lives to the fullest by going on exchange, launching start-ups, competing in international competitions, and by interacting with the diverse community on campus.”

To empower students to realize their dreams, the HKU Future Leaders of the Year Scholarship (FLY Scholarship) was established in 2020 for students who aspire to launch their own start-ups and make their mark in the future. Recipients of the scholarship will be awarded an amount to use as s start-up fund or to engage in start-up-related activities. In addition, recipients will have the opportunity to be coached by HKU tutors, alumni, or entrepreneurs in iDendron, HKU’s dedicated center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

“In an era where information is at your fingertips, it is more important to know how to integrate creativity and innovation. With the support of the HKU FLY Scholarship, the innovative ideas put forward by talented students can be more easily realized, thereby creating a positive impact on the community and offering value to society,” Professor Bennett Yim added.

The HKU Admissions Office will organize an online Scholarships Info Session on 12 November 2021 for prospective international students to learn about HKU scholarships for undergraduate admissions. The scholarships that will be covered in the session include HKU Belt and Road Scholarship, HKU HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarship, and Vietnam Van Thinh Phat Scholarship. Please refer to the details below and register to secure a place for the info session.