/Smart Wearables Summit Draws Industry Leaders to Discuss Latest Hot Topics in Shenzhen

Smart Wearables Summit Draws Industry Leaders to Discuss Latest Hot Topics in Shenzhen

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The Smart Wearable Device Asia Pacific Summit (SWAP) 2020, hosted by Duxes in Shenzhen, China, from January 13-14.

SWAP attracted hundreds of industry leaders from around the world to exchange ideas on trends, opportunities and the development of the latest wearable devices and smart products for the international market.

This year’s SWAP summit featured a wide range of speakers and experts from the world of smart wearables in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, who came together to discuss the latest trends, regulations and hot topics affecting the fast-growing technology sector. The first day of the event focused on “Market analysis and industry prospects”, whilst the second day concentrated on “The future of smart wearable devices.”

The presentations at the summit included those by highly-regarded professionals from many major tech companies, manufacturers, analysts and product developers from around the world and the APAC region such as Alibaba, ASUS, Samsung, Huawei, Huami, HTC, Gentle Monster, Cyrcadia Asia, IDC and China National Standardization Technical Committee.

Speakers gave presentations on the impact of 5G and the development of wearable AI-powered computing; how to create smart immersive applications through the use of AR/VR; and, how healthcare providers are tapping into wearables as a way to improve patient care and monitoring, among a variety of other topics.


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