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Kathmandu from Space: watch video

The European Space Agency, ESA processed Copernicus Sentinel data (2015) and shows part of Nepal including its capital city, Kathmandu, and the Himalayan foothills are pictured in this satellite image. Vegetation appears red in this false-colour image, while waterways and buildings appear light green and blue.

Nobel Laureate Daniel Shechtman spoke on technological entrepreneurship in Nepal

Kathmandu— Today, Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman talked about the technological entrepreneurship: A key to the world peace and prosperity in Kathmandu as the participant of the 13th International Conference on Quasicrystals(ICQ-13) along with other participant scientists.

Starting with the basic level of people of all over the world as a whole with their prime problem and solution at a target, he shed light over the key steps for the development in the field of science and technology, encouraging the participants in the hall.

Technological Entrepreneurship-Key to world peace and prosperity as the title of the talk program, the Nobel Laureate spoke over the initiation of technological entrepreneurship among the fresher along with the establishment of the new technological venture and the sustainable economy. Supporting the initiative steps of the freshers, Nobel Laureate said there should be supportive hand of government as well.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Eyes Multiple S&T Breakthroughs in Next Five Years

Beijing– The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced its 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020) this Wednesday in Beijing, outlining breakthrough programs in areas ranging from particle physics and galactic structure, to brain science and artificial intelligence, as well as oceanology, ecology and the environment, among others.

IAEA, US Pacific Disaster Center to cooperate for better natural hazard monitoring and notification for nuclear installations

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) signed an agreement today to cooperate on monitoring of external hazards in relation to the safety of nuclear installations.

International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA) announces 10th annual conferece

This year, ILCA celebrates, promoting novel pathogenic, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for liver cancer at Conference.

UNIST Students Honored with 2016 Global Ph.D. Fellowship

JongCheol’s research on “Hyperspectral Image Sensing and Water Quality Modeling for Harmhul Algal Bloom” is expected to gain momentum for development, as he has been awarded this year’s GPF scholarship to further support his work. He is currently working on the development of technology aims to better detect, monitor, and predict harmful algal blooms on rivers, using high-resolution hyperspectral image data that are captured from a light aircraft.

IAEA helps European countries prepare for emerging cattle disease

Traditionally common to Africa and Asia, lumpy skin disease emerged in Turkey in 2013 and has since rapidly spread through south-eastern Europe. The disease has been detected to date in six European countries – Greece, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro – with new cases being reported weekly.

WARF, UW-Madison again rank in top 10 universities for U.S. patents

An annual report issued last month ranks the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), the private nonprofit foundation that manages intellectual property on behalf of the University of Wisconsin—Madison, as 7th among the world’s universities in U.S. patents issued in 2015.

The LHC MoEDAL experiment publishes its first paper on its search for magnetic monopoles

In a paper published by the journal JHEP, the MoEDAL experiment at CERN narrows the window of where to search for a hypothetical particle, the magnetic monopole.

Summer school shines

Young scientists from all over the world have gathered for their two-week summer school course at ESA’s ESRIN centre for Earth observation in Frascati, Italy.