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Preventing fatal harvest of mushrooms

A study done by researchers at the University of Malaya found that including mushrooms in daily diet can help improve the health of brain as it may enhance cerebral nerve growth and significantly cut the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A protein that makes skin cancer cells more invasive

Loss of a protein called TRIM29 promotes cancer cell invasion in a common type of skin cancer, suggesting a novel diagnostic marker and a possible therapeutic target.

Leafcutter ants’ success due to more than crop selection

Genetic analysis finds leafcutter ants originated in South America HOUSTON — A complex genetic analysis has biologists re-evaluating some long-held beliefs about the way societies evolved following the invention of…

Green spaces in cities help control floods, store carbon

For many ecologists, fieldwork involves majestic mountains or rushing rivers or large tracts of wilderness. At the very least, it means exploring natural areas that aren’t defined by human development….

GreenHouse program coordinator blends sustainability, student life

Teaching about agriculture and sustainability during semesters filled with classes and tests is hard enough. It’s even harder when most students are gone for the busy summer growing season. But…

Hairy tongues help bats drink up

New model predicts how hairs on a bat’s tongue draw up nectar. CAMBRIDGE, MA — Animals have evolved all manner of adaptations to get the nutrients they need. For nectar-feeding…