China’s wreckage rocket eventually fell into the Indian Ocean

Kathmandu— The Chinese rocket debris plunged into the Island of Maldives, according to China National Space Administration (CNSA). It fell in the southern part of the Indian Ocean on Sunday morning.

The Long March 5B rocket was launched in the March to build a new International Space Station. The rocket was carrying main module to build the Tanggang International Space Station. But after entering space, Rocket was changed into wreckage and burned before reaching Earth’s surface.

The rocket, which has weighed about 23 tons, was being monitored by Chinese astronauts.

According to the CNSA, before debris fell into the southern Indian Ocean—Island of the Maldives— it was passing above the Mediterranean Sea as it was entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

 In Maldives, 1190 islands— but in which Island fell debris wasn’t clear by Chinese official. But it is said that, it fell 72.470 Longitudes and 2.650 north latitude.