Monthly Archives: January 2016

Common Growth Factor in Brain Might Slow Cognitive Decline

Researchers examined the role of the gene called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, and its involvement in age-related cognitive decline.

Researchers develop a New Type of Nanowires using Natural Gas Heating

A team of Korean researchers has recently pioneered in developing a new simple nanowire manufacturing technique that uses self-catalytic growth process assisted by thermal decomposition of natural gas.

First SpaceDataHighway laser relay in orbit

The European Data Relay System’s first laser terminal has reached space aboard its host satellite and is now under way to its final operating position.

Observing the Mysterious Invisible Sky

The Radio Cosmology Research Group in University of Malaya is the first research group in this country that uses radio astronomy to study the sky at radio wave especially for cosmology since 2005.

Partnering with NASA to grow plants in space

For many people, outer space and agriculture do not go together. But Simon Gilroy, professor of botany at UW–Madison, is working to learn how to effectively grow plants, and eventually gardens, in space.

Chantix No Better Than Nicotine Patches, Study Suggests

According to a recent study in JAMA, the smoking-cessation drug, Chantix, did not show benefits over other cessation aids, like nicotine patches and lozenges, at helping people quit.