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Ancient mega-shark found on Australia beach

A giant prehistoric mega-shark twice the size of the great white have been found on an Australian beach by a keen-eyed amateur enthusiast, scientists said Thursday.

Out of your league? Study shows most online daters seek more desirable mates

The notion that an attractive person is “out of your league” doesn’t often dissuade dating hopefuls—at least online.

CERN opens its doors for Researchers’ Night 

On Friday, 28 September 2018, budding scientists and physics fans of all ages will come together for Researchers’ Night at CERN, a free and fun bilingual event.

Search for the Lost Pink-headed Duck Gets Underway in Myanmar

Researchers to Explore Swampy Wetland in the First Search for Lost Species Expedition. The very first Search for Lost Species expedition gets underway Monday, Oct. 23, with a quest to…

Most British scientists cited in study feel Richard Dawkins’ work misrepresents science

The findings in “Responding to Richard: Celebrity and (Mis)representation of Science” appeared in a recent edition of Public Understandings of Science and are part of a larger Religion Among Scientists in International Context study. The RASIC study includes a survey of over 20,000 scientists from eight countries. In the United Kingdom, 1,581 randomly sampled scientists participated in the survey, and 137 of them also participated in in-depth interviews.

Facts About The American Bison

Bison made their way to America by crossing the ancient land bridge that once connected Asia with North America during the Pliocene Epoch, some 400,000 years ago. These ancient animals were much larger than the iconic bison we love today.